Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Making Millions in Ministry

My television was on all last weekend as I watched young men become instant millionaires via the NFL draft. The number one pick in the draft, a quarterback picked by the Detroit Lions, signed a six-year contract that guarantees him at least $42 million. Most (if not all) of us will never see that kind of money in our lifetimes. I used to think that my ability to make millions of dollars as a pastor was impossible...until now! A story I read today in the New York Daily News has changed everything, and now I'm a pastor in search of the big bucks!

The story is about the Rev. Brad Braxton who is the incoming pastor of Riverside Church in Manhattan. This past Sunday, he finally broke his silence over his massive pay package, saying that God was behind him as he assumed the position of senior pastor. He told his congregation on Sunday - who responded with thunderous applause, "God told me all week, 'I got you.'" However, not all 2700 parishioners were clapping. Some are actually filing a lawsuit to trim his $600,000 in yearly salary and perks. $600,000 per year! Cha ching!

I didn't know that kind of money could be made in ministry. I used to say that if I wanted to become rich, I chose the wrong profession, but now I see that I'm wrong! Evidently, the sky's the limit. There's tons of money to be made in ministry, and I'm going for it.

Please pray along with me as I call my elders together this week and demand a huge pay increase. I could swear I heard the Lord tell me this morning, "I got you." Let's hope and pray that this translates into millions of dollars for me.


jack said...

You're probably at least worth $70,000 time 7. Good luck & may the force be with you.

Nikki said...

Don't you wish. Keep dreamin'.