Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vacation Music Indulgence

I'm on vacation this week, and in addition to sleeping in, playing golf, and painting a room, I've been getting caught up on music downloading and listening. This is something that often gets pushed aside when I'm busy, but I finally made some time this week to do it. Here's what I've been downloading and listening to this week. Take a look at the list and then tell me what I'm missing. What would you be listening to if you had a week off?

Adele, 19
Adele has a very unique voice and is considered a pop artist, although I would consider her a mix between pop, jazz, blues, and lounge music. Very good. Relaxing.

Barren Cross,
Rattle Your Cage
You probably wouldn't understand, nor would you like it! Early 90's Christian metal. Sounds a lot like Iron Maiden. This was their last album, and I've been looking for it for quite some time. Finally found it!

Bruce Springsteen,
Greatest Hits
You can't beat "The Boss" when it comes to needing motivation for painting! I'm listening to it right now, and mostly enjoy his stuff from the 80's: Born In the USA, Glory Days, Dancing in the Dark.

Burlap to Cashmere,
Anybody Out There?
"One album wonders" from the 90's. Christian band best known for their song, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. There's a lot of salsa/flamenco style on the album. Good stuff.

Viva La Vida
Hard not to like these guys. I just downloaded the entire album this week after over-playing the songs, Viva La Vida and Lost! for weeks. Good album.

Daniel Band,
Rise Up and Running Out of Time
Again...old school 80's Christian rock band. Loved them when I was a kid and only had these albums on cassette. Finally found them on-line. Alright!

David Cook,
David Cook
Ok. Stop laughing! As far as American Idol rockers go, Daughtry is better, but this is a pretty good rock album.

Def Leppard,
Best of their many albums. My brother played it constantly when I was a kid, and this was the only "secular" band t-shirt I ever owned. I wore it once in junior high, got convicted about it, and threw it away. Buying this album as an adult serves as redemption for my legalistic upbringing!

Delirious?, Mezzamorphis and The Mission Bell

I really like these guys but these two albums have been holes in my collection of their stuff. I've heard a lot of the songs from these albums, but have not owned them until now. I still like their debut double-worship album the best.

Dido, Safe Trip Home

I just really like her stuff. Smooth, cool, and edgy.

James Newton Howard, Soundtracks to Lady in the Water and Defiance

Both were good movies, and after familiarizing myself with his style on Lady in the Water, I immediately identified that he was the composer while watching the movie, Defiance, last week. I love his mysterious, almost haunting, style.

Jimmy Needham, Not Without Love

My older girls recently saw him open up for Barlow Girl. The really like his stuff, particularly a love song he wrote for his wife called, Unfailing Love. They squeal every time it comes on, and if they're around, it comes on a lot!

Luciano Pavarotti,
The Duets: Best Of Pavarotti & Friends
I love a good tenor and along with Andrea Bocelli, Pavarotti is my favorite. The duets are with friends like Bono, Sheryl Crow, Sting, Bon Jovi, Bocelli, and others. It makes for some great dinner music and goes down as smooth as a glass of red wine!

Norah Jones,
Feels Like Home and Not Too Late
Talk about smooth! Is there anything smoother than Norah Jones singing at the piano? Great light jazz from a woman with an incredible jazz voice.

Metallica, Death Magnetic
I know what you're thinking. Not very pastoral of me to listen to these guys, but have you heard the guitar work on this album? Probably not...but it's awesome. If I'm in a grind-it-out mood, I may throw these guys on. I do have to commend them for at least becoming a bit nicer and bit more civilized in their old age!

No Line on the Horizon
Still enjoying this one. Great music and thoughtful lyrics, although I have to admit that sometimes I don't understand what Bono is trying to communicate! However, the more I listen, the clearer it becomes...and the more profound I find it to be.

So, that's my vacation listening list. What's missing? What would you have on your vacation listening list? Let me know.


Andy Othling said...

Hysteria > Pyromania

It had to be said.

Mike Potter said...

From Facebook:

Those were cool write ups Mike. I'm a big James Newton Howard fan too. Check out Rogue Wave - great band. M.L., Dayton, OH

Man we need to talk. Half of that stuff you should listen to only if held at gunpoint! However, I will let it pass since you have the best album in at least 5 yrs on your list. Death Magnetic has some of Metallica's best stuff ever on it (and you know I know this). Add in some Queen and Desperation Band and your list will be complete. Happy Vacation! C.R., Van Wert, OH

Mike Potter said...

Andy. Oh, you are such a young man! Hysteria was good, but a little over-produced. Pyromania was Def Leppard at their best: pure, raw rock and roll!

Papa Hill said...

I find Hakase Taro to my liking. A class act violinist. I do not know how he clasifies himself, but it feels like Jazz with self revealing originality. It works well in the background, but not the piped in put you to sleep stuff, but moves you in the moment. Cheryl and I like it for our candlelight dinners. You used the comparison of a smooth glass of red wine for Pavarotti, this strikes me as the champaigne of classy jazz.

Jerry said...

Def Leppard Vault... only the best with none of the fluff... also Candy Dulfer... awesome saxaphone player..

Evonne said...

Is that MY Pavarotti DVD?--because I can't find mine and I need it to exercise...even though it makes me so emotional that I can't breathe. It inspires me and I am really low on inspiration at the moment.

Mike Potter said...

Nope, Evonne. I bought the CD. Sorry. I have no idea where your DVD is, but you can always borrow my CD. Mike