Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Courage in the Public Schools

I witnessed a pretty incredible act of courage this week at the middle school that my two youngest children attend. My son, Taylor, wrote a paper on courage where he described what courage is and then gave a couple examples of it. Here's what he wrote in his final paragraph:
The last example of courage is the greatest example. It is when Christ died for our sins. I believe this saves us from our sins. Christ is the real picture of courage.
There's no doubt that this took a lot of courage for Taylor to write, but he really believes this. Michelle and I didn't know he wrote this, so this was something he wrote all on his own. He writes this kind of stuff all the time, because he loves the Lord and looks for opportunities to share his love for Him whenever he can. I am impressed - to say the least - at Taylor's boldness, and I am both proud and thankful for his courage in talking about the Lord to others.

It was the response of his teacher, however, that blew me away. In a day and age where revealing one's Christian beliefs can bring about a lot of trouble, I was incredibly impressed at the courage of Taylor's teacher. Here's what he wrote in response to Taylor's paper.
I couldn't agree more, Taylor! You keep this mentality up and God will do amazing things through you. The simple fact that you wrote this comment shows your courage! Never be afraid to tell anyone about the love of Christ. You are one of my best students, and now I know why. Keep being the salt and light to this cold and dark world that doesn't know the One who saved us from our sins.
Wow! Talk about courage! It took a lot of courage for Taylor's teacher to write this on his paper, and it shows that the Lord has His people strategically placed even in the dark halls of our public schools. I could tell that Taylor was pretty pumped about all of this, and so were Michelle and I. Oh, and by the way, Taylor got an A on the paper!


Evonne said...

I am proud of Taylor too. His quiet, humble, kind, and attentive way of moving about the world give him special credibility. Self-aggrandizing is not in Taylor's bag of tricks, so his teacher can have great confidence in the sincerity of Taylor's faith. As a believer she should also have naturally and sincerely responded as she did to her sweet brother in Christ with edifying words appropriate for the moment. I don't necessarily imagine that it took "courage" for her to do so. I imagine that her encouragements to Taylor were confidently expressed with concern for and delight only in his young faith with no thought of herself and any negative consequences. She was also "safe" in the hands of Taylor, as we all are. I am thankful that she is teaching and is caring for children.

KerryKay said...

We do love that boy! I have been involved in several conversations with adults lately discussing the balance between living such quiet lives that we don't say anything about the hope within us and being so "in your face" with the message that we totally offend others. Taylors seems to have figured out already how to strike the right balance. Yea, Taylor! Yea, teacher! And BIG YEA, God!

Evonne said...

Sorry, I didn't know the teacher was a man...