Saturday, November 29, 2008

10 Things I'm Thankful For (That I Can't Admit at Church)

I'm a pastor, and therefore, I must make sure that I look good at all times. Last week was Thanksgiving, and on that day, everyone at the dinner table told of the three things they're most thankful for. I cleared my throat and said that I am most thankful for my wonderful wife, my four children, and my great job. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for these things, but if I'm being truly honest, there are other - less dignified - things that I'm thankful for. These are things that I can't mention at church at the risk of looking shallow or possibly even unspiritual - something a pastor must never give hint of. But I think you'll agree that these are things worthy of my thankfulness.

My DVR did I live without this before? With a DVR, I can digitally record all the TV shows I want to watch, and then I can watch them on my own time without ever having to watch a commercial. Now, watching live TV is like crank-starting a car. Archaic, old school, and completely laborious.

And speaking of did I ever watch any TV before the introduction of high definition television (HDTV) into my home? HD is unbelievable, and it makes watching regular TV look like the digital clock in the middle of the night without my glasses: fuzzy, blurred, and headache-causing. If it's not in HD, I probably won't watch it, even if it's something I want to see.

I love Costco. Walking through the front doors is like walking into a party. HDTV's, iPods, computers, DVDs, and books greet you at the entrance, and friendly faces offering you samples of delicious foods await you at the end of every isle. You go in hungry and sensory deprived, and you walk out with a full belly and your senses satisfied!

My iPod
Speaking of a vinyl record collecting teenager, I never - in a million years - dreamt of such an apparatus. I thought heaven had arrived on earth when technology allowed me to burn 20 songs of my choice onto a CD. Never in my wild dreams did I ever think that I could carry my entire library of 4000+ songs (plus 5000+ pictures and 300+ contacts) in my pocket.

My Swamp Cooler
I love living in the Southwest. Lots of sun and little humidity. Because of the lack of humidity, there is little need for air conditioning. Most homes here have swamp coolers that force cool air throughout the house. The reason why I'm thankful for my swamp cooler is because it is the one "machine" in my home that I actually know how to service and repair. It makes sense to me, and because few machines do, my swamp cooler makes me feel like a man. Arggg!

My Hot Air Popcorn Popper
I told you this list would make me look shallow and perhaps unspiritual, but I gotta tell you that I really love my hot air popcorn popper. Not only does it make perfect popcorn, but any time I turn it on, my kids (and my dogs) come running. It's something that unifies us and often ushers in laughter, joking, and happiness in our home.

Where we I be without Tylenol? Where would any of us be? As I get older, more things hurt, and that's why I keep my trusty Tylenol nearby. From my head to my back to my feet...there's nothing that Tylenol can not beat! I think I missed my calling. I should've gone into marketing!

My Heating Blanket
During the cold desert nights, is there anything better than a heating blanket? It keeps me and Michelle nice and toasty, and it quickly removes the threat of her warming her ice cold feet on me.

The Age of My Kids
I remember celebrating the day that all three of our kids were out of diapers. Then came the day when all three could brush their own teeth, bathe themselves, and put on their own clothes. The older they get, the better it gets! Now, it's legal to leave them home alone, and leaving them home alone is what Michelle and I like do! We love the freedom to date-at-will...popping a frozen pizza in the oven for them and heading out to our favorite restaurant.

The View from My Office
Take a look for yourself! It's a miracle that I get any work done at all. I love the fact that God created the mountains, and I love the fact that my office wall that faces them is one huge window. Whenever I need inspiration; whenever I need a break; whenever I need to be reminded of God's majesty and beauty, all I have to do is look out my window. I am truly blessed!


Anonymous said...

No Mike! Don't hide it! Preach about how each of these things can be used for the Kingdom. Take the DVR, for example: With the DVR recording the big game, I can be more readily available to my family or to parishioners in need. The HDTV is just a great excuse to invite neighbors into your home (for the aforementioned big game) and you can do relational ministry through it! The popcorn popper? Come on: you can feed the hungry! You are a man of great vision and imagination, so I am sure God will inspire you! ;D

James Carlyle said...

The other day, I came back to my little Iraqi town with two prized items: a french press and starch for my shirts. Important or spiritual? Nope. But still stuff to be thankful for.

I think stuff like that is especially worthy of mentioning that you're thankful for because it shows how much God really cares about us. He didn't have to provide us with those things, did He? When you really want to do something special for your kids, you don't give them something necessary like a glass of water, do you? You give them something really cool or special.

So I can say that one way I know God loves me because I have starch and a french press. And that seems like something really worthy of being thankful for.

Darcy said...

Hahaha! Pastor Mike, I loved this post. I laughed out loud a few times, so much that the dog raised her sleepy head up long enough to look at me as if to say "what's the joke?".

I agree with you - those are all great and interesting things to be thankful for. I'm so inspired, I might do a similar list over on my blog.