Tuesday, September 23, 2008

God and eHarmony

Michelle and I went to a wedding this past weekend in Detroit. A dear friend of ours who was present at the births of Alexis and Taylor (she was the cinematographer) finally got married. I say "finally" not out of disrespect but out of sheer joy. She is a beautiful, godly woman and has been an eligible bachelorette for years. As a matter of fact, over the years, Michelle and I privately considered many different men for her and actually set her up on a blind date with one of them some years ago. The date didn't go very well, and so we decided to forgo the role of matchmakers in her life. See, we thought the Lord might want to use us to help her find her husband. Instead, the Lord bypassed us and decided to use something that He deemed much more effective than her lifelong friends: the Internet.

Yep. Evidently the Lord prefers eHarmony's scientific screening process over our relational screening process. I'd be pretty angry about all of this if the match wasn't such a good one, but it is. Both are solid believers. She was a church secretary for years, and he is currently a pastor. She spent her growing up years in Detroit, and he currently lives in Detroit. He is known for being fun and social, and she loves to entertain. I could go on and on, but the point is this: God used eHarmony to make a really good match. Dare I say: "A match made in heaven"?!

As Michelle and I lick our matchmaking wounds over the fact that we were trumped by an inanimate dating web site, I think we're both being reminded once again of something pretty profound: God will use anything He wants to accomplish His purposes. Think about it. He's been known to use a hungry whale, a talking donkey, a burning bush, a pink-haired lady, talking vegetables, books with shaky end-time theology, and ridiculously cheesy gospel tracts (more on that coming soon). If He can use these ridiculously bizarre things to accomplish His purposes in this world, then we need to:

1) Stop being so surprised. God is so unbelievably creative. He loves to do things in mysterious and uncanny ways. Awe is good. Shock is not.

2) Stop losing hope. God often allows things to get to the "next to impossible" stage before He takes action. This is how He grows our faith. Hopelessness should be a foreign concept to Christ followers.

3) Stop trying so hard to set up our single friends. We all do it, and sometimes it works. Usually, however, the Lord has something much more unconventional in mind, like a sappy web site. Therefore, save your breath, pray more for your single friends, and secretly sign them up on eHarmony.


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I was wondering the same thing - is this a type of communist censorship?